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Agriculture yard Valdštejnsko

TurnovZobrazit detailOriginally a Baroque four-part court called Wallenstein was founded in the last third of the 17th century by Arnošt Josef Count of Wallenstein. The area of the farmyard is dominated by a huge three-storey granary, which is complemented by gates with Waldstein coat of arms on the sides.Other historical monuments

Automatic mill and mechanical weaving mill in Přepeře

Prepere (Semily)Zobrazit detailEngineering monuments

Baroque fountain with statues of St.Wenceslas

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Baroque fountain with statues of St. Wenceslaus, St. John and St. Anthony (1761) is situated in Skálova Streen near the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise.Other historical monuments

Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek - museum farmhouses

PrisoviceZobrazit detailThe museum farmhouses Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek are wonderful examples of traditional timbered buildings in Příšovice.Folk architecture

Cubist house in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailCubist house no. 1294 by the train station is one of the architecturally most interesting Turnov houses.Other historical monuments

Dlask farm

TurnovZobrazit detailThe museum farmhouse called Dlaskův statek is a typical example of traditional architecture in the region of the Jizera River.Museums and galleries

Dubecko Lookout Tower

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailThe lookout tower on the top of Dubecko was set in operation in December 2001. It is used by mobile operators as well.Lookout towers and viewpoints

Dubecko Mill

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailDubecko Mill is named after a part of the municipality of Dubecko, which is located in Mírov below Kozákov Hill.Jewels and precious stones

Fountain wirh Marian column

TurnovZobrazit detailThe dominant feature of the Bohemian Paradise Square is the fountain with its gold-plated figure of the Virgin Mary on a high column by the sculptor J. Max in the year 1846.Other historical monuments

Hlavatice Lookout Rock

TurnovZobrazit detailThe sandstone rock offers views of the surroundings.Lookout towers and viewpoints

House "Na Sboře"

TurnovZobrazit detailThis house is located in a place where behind the Svěrácka gate in the house, which was called \"na kopidlně\", in the pre-White Mountain period is documented fraternal house of prayer.Other historical monuments

Kopanina Lookout Tower

FrydstejnZobrazit detailThe Kopanina is one of the first lookout towers built by the Czech Tourist Association.Lookout towers and viewpoints

Kopic farmhouse

KacanovyZobrazit detailThis fabulous timbered house was built at the beginning of the 19th century in the place of a previous old building. In front of it, there is an equestrian sculpture of St. George made by a folk artist in 1826. It is situated in the middle of the forest, on the platform of Hruboskalsko, and is considered one of the best known monuments of folk architecture in Český Ráj.Folk architecture

Lookout points among the Hruboskalsko Rock Formations

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThere are several lookout points offering beautiful views of the Hrubuskalsko rock formations and its surroundings. Some views can be found along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise and others outside the Golden Path.Lookout towers and viewpoints

Lookout points in the Klokočské and Betlémské rocks

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailLookout points in the Klokočské and Betlémské skály Rocks offer beautiful views of the Jizera River valley, the Besedické and Suché skály Rocks, the Hamštejnský hřeben Ridge and Kozákov.Lookout towers and viewpoints

Malá Skála Gallery - Bouček`s homestead

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailBouček`s homestead is a timbered building, which is a magnificent example of folk architecture. The Visual Arts Gallery has its seat in the building.Museums and galleries

Mariánská vyhlídka Lookout point

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThe most visited rock lookout point in Český Ráj.Lookout towers and viewpoints

Paclt smelter in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailPaclt smelter is the last preserved building from the whole town district called Glassworks, which grew up behind the Svěrácká Gate thanks to Turnov glass composition producers.Other historical monuments

Public library of Antonín Marek in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Antonín Marek Municipal Library in Turnov is a public municipal library that operates as a central library with four branches located in the city - Turnov II, Mašov, Malý Rohozec, Výšinka. It was founded in 1820 by the Roman Catholic priest, poet and linguist Antonín Marek.Theatres

Railway bridge near Sychrov

SychrovZobrazit detailThe attractive technical monument is located near the Sychrov Chateau.Engineering monuments

Railway bridge over the river Jizera in Rakousy

RakousyZobrazit detailEngineering monuments

Railway station in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailEngineering monuments

Rohozec Brewery

TurnovZobrazit detailThe brewery was built on the outskirts of Turnov in the middle of the 19th century by the Unger family, the owners of the local estate.Breweries

Savings Bank building

TurnovZobrazit detailThe monumental neo-Renaisance Savings Bank building was built in 1906. Its frescos remind us of the fact that Turnov is the town of gemstones and goldsmithery. It is situated on the Bohemian Paradise Square.Other historical monuments
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