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Adamovo Lože, rock cavity

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThe rock relief carved in sandstone is located some 300 m to the north of the Hrubá Skála Chateau. It is situated in a rock gap, on the right, on the way to the Mariánská lookout point.Rock towns and formations

Barotošova cave

FrydstejnZobrazit detailPseudo-karst cave is located in the valley of the Vazovecký brook about 3 km north of Turnov. It is part of the karst system and its known length is 225 m.Caves

Bažantník pond

KarloviceZobrazit detailBažantník Pond is situated in the picturesque region of Český ráj, not far from Lázně Sedmihorky.Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Betlémské rocks

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailThe northern tip of the Klokočské Skály hides the Postojná, the largest pseudo-karst cave in the region of Turnov.Rock towns and formations

Bukovina Arboretum

KarloviceZobrazit detailIt is situated at the platform of Hruboskalsko, at the Golden Trail of Český Ráj, not far from Hrubá Skála Castle.Places of natural interest

Čertova ruka

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThis rock formation made from sandstone blocks and towers is located in the Hrubá Skála rock formations.Rock towns and formations


Mala SkalaZobrazit detailDrábovna is characterised by plentiful scenic corners and little sandstone formations.Rock towns and formations

Drábovna - Kozákov

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailThe sandstone ridge is located at the western side of Kozákov.Rock towns and formations


Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThe Bohemian Paradise is the oldest Protected Landscape Area in the Czech Republic. It was declared in 1955 across an area of 95 km2, and was expanded in 2002 to its current 181 km2.Rock towns and formations

Kalich - Chléviště, rock labyrinth

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailThe mysterious rock labyrinth offers superb views of the valley of the Jizera River.Rock towns and formations

Klokočské rocks

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailThe compact rock wall comprises Palaeozoic sandstone of thickness up to 60 metres with plentiful caverns.Rock towns and formations


Mala SkalaZobrazit detailThe region of Maloskalsko is among the best-known and most-popular rock formations in the Český Ráj.Rock towns and formations

Myší díra (Mouse hole)

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThis 65 m long rock cleft in the Hruboskalsko rock town is so narrow that it is hard to walk. You can reach it on the way from the parking lot in front of the Hrubá Skála Castle to the Castle valley.Rock towns and formations

Pekařova brána (gate)

VyskerZobrazit detailNear the village of Lažany is a rock formation with a carved Gothic arch that is known as the Pekařova brána Gate according to Czech historian Josef Pekař.Places of natural interest

Písečák ponds

PrisoviceZobrazit detailTwo of the most popular places in Příšovice for decades now are its lakes, which you’d struggle to find on historical maps. Known as Písečáky, they were formed when gravel was quarried for the local panel housing estate from the 1950s to 90s, after which the quarry was flooded with water from the Jizera.Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Postojna - Amerika cave

Mirova pod KozakovemZobrazit detailThe rock wall of the Klokočské Skály comprises numerous large and small caverns. The best-known one was named Postojna.Caves

Rock reliefs near Kopic farmhouse

KacanovyZobrazit detailVisit the rock reliefs carved into the rocks by one of the owners of Kopic\\\\\'s farm - Vojtěch Kopic. On the nature trail, where the reliefs are located, turn off the blue hiking trail by Kopic farmhouse.Rock towns and formations

Sedmihorky Spa Springs

KarloviceZobrazit detailSeven (originally eight) layered springs used for spa treatments.

Suché rocks

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailThe attractive rock crest of solid sandstone sticks out of and above the forest: from a distance, it resembles an organ or dragon`s back. The distinctive shapes form the unmistakable silhouette of the Maloskalsko region.Rock towns and formations

The UNESCO Global Geopark Bohemian Paradise

TurnovZobrazit detailThe territory of Český Ráj comprises a wide range of geological phenomena: it is, in fact, a real geological atlas. Therefore, in October 2005 it was added to the list of the European Geoparks Network.Rock towns and formations

Věžák pond

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThe Bohemian Paradise is characterised by its rock towns, which can be found in numerous places around the region. However, the rocks meet water in only a few of them. One of these places, probably the most beautiful, is Věžák pond, as it has rocks rising straight up from the water. The most well-known rock at Věžák is the Water Rock on its south-western bank, the top of which can be reached via the climbing route from the water or on foot from the other side.Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Vranov rocky ridge

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailThe sharp crest of cenomanian sandstone was uplifted and straightened out by immense natural forces toward the end of the Tertiary.Rock towns and formations

Vůstra pond

ModrisiceZobrazit detailThe pond is situated in the valley under former Kozlov Castle.Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Vyskeř Hill

VyskerZobrazit detailThe hill elevated 464 m above sea level is situated above the village of Vyskeř, about 13 km to the south from Turnov.Places of natural interest
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