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A loop from Malá Skála to Turnov and back

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailThis trip (black level of difficulty) will take you to the Malá Skála and Turnov areas.Walking routes

Backbone trail – multiple-day hiking along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise

TurnovZobrazit detailThe entire route of the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise is marked with red symbols. It passes through the entire region of Bohemian Paradise and therefore, it can be hiked for several days. We have prepared a one-week hiking trip along the Golden Path. Individual sections can be combined or hiked separately. You can combine them with day trips (loops) that can be found under the Day Trips in the Golden Path section. You can start hiking in any direction. Our description starts in Mladá Boleslav and ends in Jičín with an optional trip to the Prachovské skály rocks.Walking routes

Dubecko - hiking trip to lookout tower

TurnovZobrazit detailIf a part of the scenery has to be the telecommunication towers hopefully they serve tourists too. Dubecko is located on slightly tilted sandstone. From the sandstone formation Klokočske skály separates it Stebénka Valley, and in a small town Rovensko pod Troskami, river Veselka flows through it. Near Dubecko in the forest we will see few smaller sandstone rocks. In one of those rocks was chiseled out not long ago the wayside shrine devoted to Saint Eustache. The lookout tower is a steel mast with winding spiral of steps. Walking routes

From Kopanina to Turnov (12 km on foot or by bike)

TurnovZobrazit detailVariant for walkers: Kopanina - Frýdštějn - Voděrady - Drábovna - Bukovina - Dolánky - Hrubý Rohozec - TurnovWalking routes

From Vyskeř to Podhájí (10 km)

VyskerZobrazit detailVyskeř - Podvyskeřský mlýn - Skalany - Podpohoří - Kozlov-Chlum - PodhájíWalking routes

Hlavatice - hiking trip to lookout tower

TurnovZobrazit detailHlavatice is positioned on so called Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise, above Turnov, and here our journey starts.Walking routes

Hruboskalsko educational path

KarloviceZobrazit detailThe educational path will take you through the biggest sandstone rock town of the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) Nature Reserve. The 16 stations will introduce to you the living nature and the minerals of Český ráj. The path crosses relic pine forests around interesting sandstone shapes such as Adam\\\\\\\\\'s Bed, Mouse Hole and Kapelník rock tower.Walking routes

Chateau educational path Turnov – Hrubý Rohozec

TurnovZobrazit detailAn educational trail leading from Turnov town centre to Hrubý Rohozec Chateau.Walking routes

In the Besedické skály Rocks

RakousyZobrazit detailThis is a moderate trip (the red level of difficulty) in the Besedické skály Rocks area.Walking routes

Josef Pekař Trail

TurnovZobrazit detailOn the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Turnov native - historian Josef Pekař, a new trail was built in May 2020. The trail is marked by a green hiking marks, is 4 kilometers long and has 6 stops with information panels. The route connects Dolánky, the historians native Malý Rohozec and Jenišovice, where Pekař is buried.Walking routes

Kopanina - hiking trip to lookout tower

FrydstejnZobrazit detailThe best place to start the trip to Kopanina is Malá Skála which is easy to get to, and which has well developed tourist base. Walking routes

Malá Skála region

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailMalá Skála station – Drábovna 2.1 km – Frýdštejn 5.6 km – Vranov-Pantheon Zahrádka viewpoint 7.5 km – Malá Skála station 9.2 kmWalking routes

Sedmihorky Children\'s Educational Forest Trail

KarloviceZobrazit detailAn educational trail for young and old visitors.Walking routes

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 4.

TurnovZobrazit detailRoute: TURNOV – Dolánky u Turnova – Bukovina – Drábovna –Frýdštejn Castle – Pantheon – MALÁ SKÁLA (12 km)Walking routes

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 5.

Mala SkalaZobrazit detailRoute: MALÁ SKÁLA – Pánovo pole – Besedice – Koberovy – Hamštejnský hřeben Ridge – Vzdychánek – KOZÁKOV (10 km)Walking routes

The Turnov area: around the guard castles above the Jizera

TurnovZobrazit detailA trip of medium difficulty through the cliffs which will lead you to the remains of four castles and around the Jizera. It is 23 km long. The circular trip leads from Turnov to Frýdštejn, Malá Skála and then back to Turnov.Walking routes

The Turnov area: The Hrubá Skála Circuit

TurnovZobrazit detailA less demanding trip through the cliff town of the central Bohemian Paradise. It is 14 km long. The trip leads from Turnov to Valdštejn Castle, through the Hrubá Skála area to the car park under Valdštejn and then back to Turnov.Walking routes

The Turnov area: Through Klokočské skály to Kozákov

TurnovZobrazit detailA trip of medium difficulty through the cliffs which will take you to the roof of the Bohemian Paradise. It is 21 km long. The trip leads from Turnov to Kozákov and the back to Turnov again via Rotštejn.Walking routes

Through the Hruboskalsko rock formations

Hruba SkalaZobrazit detailThis moderate trip (red level of difficulty) will take you through the Hruboskalsko rock formations and Bohemian Paradise nature.Walking routes

To Hrubá Skála region

TurnovZobrazit detailTurnov, railway station – Hlavatice 1.4 km – Valdštejn 2.9 km – Hrubá Skála 6.5 km – Mariánská vyhlídka viewpoint 7.5 km – Josefův pramen spring 8.5 km – Valdštejn 10.9 km, Turnov, railway station 13.6 kmWalking routes

Turnov Famous Persons\\' & Stonecutters\\' Trail

TurnovZobrazit detailThe educational panels in Turnov deal with the tradition of stone cutting and jewellery making in Turnov and with the people most associated with the processing of precious stones.Walking routes
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