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Agriculture yard Valdštejnsko

TurnovZobrazit detailOriginally a Baroque four-part court called Wallenstein was founded in the last third of the 17th century by Arnošt Josef Count of Wallenstein. The area of the farmyard is dominated by a huge three-storey granary, which is complemented by gates with Waldstein coat of arms on the sides.Other historical monuments

An Exhibition of Dolls and Baby Carriages in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailIn Turnov, near the Český ráj square you can see over 1,000 exhibits, dolls and baby carriages from private collections. Come and take a look at this unique exhibition!Museums and galleries

Baroque fountain with statues of St.Wenceslas

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Baroque fountain with statues of St. Wenceslaus, St. John and St. Anthony (1761) is situated in Skálova Streen near the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise.Other historical monuments

Bohemian Paradise House of Nature

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) House of Nature is located in Dolánky, near the town of Turnov. It features an interactive exhibition focusing on presenting this unique and oldest protected landscape area in the country through sensory perception and aims to inspire visitors to respect the nature not only in this unique area.Museums and galleries

Congregation of John Hus in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe congregation house was built between 1937 – 1939.Religious monuments

Cubist house in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailCubist house no. 1294 by the train station is one of the architecturally most interesting Turnov houses.Other historical monuments

Dlask farm

TurnovZobrazit detailThe museum farmhouse called Dlaskův statek is a typical example of traditional architecture in the region of the Jizera River.Museums and galleries

Fountain wirh Marian column

TurnovZobrazit detailThe dominant feature of the Bohemian Paradise Square is the fountain with its gold-plated figure of the Virgin Mary on a high column by the sculptor J. Max in the year 1846.Other historical monuments

Galerie Maxiart

TurnovZobrazit detailMuseums and galleries

Gallery Granát

TurnovZobrazit detailThe origins of the exhibition about Granát Turnov’s artistic production date back to 1998 to the 45th anniversary of its establishment and some four years further back to the Stone and Jewel summer event held in July in the Bohemian Paradise.

Hlavatice Lookout Rock

TurnovZobrazit detailThe sandstone rock offers views of the surroundings.Lookout towers and viewpoints

House "Na Sboře"

TurnovZobrazit detailThis house is located in a place where behind the Svěrácka gate in the house, which was called \"na kopidlně\", in the pre-White Mountain period is documented fraternal house of prayer.Other historical monuments

Hrubý Rohozec Chateau

TurnovZobrazit detailHrubý Rohozec chateau is one of the dominating features and oldest monuments of the Turnovsko region. It was established in the 2nd half of the 13th century and in the past was re-built several times. It served as the family residence of the Vartenberk, Krajíř and Desfours families.Chateaus

Chapel of St. Wenceslas, Daliměřice

TurnovZobrazit detailChapel of st. Wenceslas was built in 1889 in the local part of Daliměřice. Simple building with a pyramid turret topped with a cross.Religious monuments

Church of St. Francis of Assissi, Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Church of St. Francis is situated in the upper part of Český ráj Square.Religious monuments

Church of St. John the Baptist, Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe early Gothic-style Church of St. John the Baptist is situated at the edge of Turnov, in Nudvojovice.Religious monuments

Church of St. Matthew in Hruštice

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Church of St. Matthew in Hruštice, high above the historical core of Turnov, originated in the place of an old chapel near the fortress of Jaroslav of Hruštice which pre-dated the origin of the town.Religious monuments

Church of St. Nicholas, Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Church of St. Nicholas is the oldest church in the historic centre of Turnov.Religious monuments

Church of the the Birth of Virgin Mary, Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Neo-Gothic church is situated in the location where the Vartemberks, most likely Havel of Lemberk and his wife Zdislava established a Dominican convent with a large church consecrated tothe Virgin Mary in the late 13th century.Religious monuments

Jewish cemetery in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailThe Jewish Cemetery on Sobotecká Street in Turnov is the only preserved Jewish cemetery in the District of Semily.Religious monuments

Jewish quarter in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailIt is a part of the city delimited by Palackého, Trávnice and Krajířova streets. Turnov Jewish Quarter, despite the necessary reconstruction, remained as a whole almost compact.Religious monuments

Jewish synagogue, Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailTurnov Synagogue dates back to 1719 and was built of stone in the yard amidst blocks of flats in the Jewish part of the town.Religious monuments

Museum of the Bohemian Paradise

TurnovZobrazit detailThe expositions of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise offers a unique opportunity to get to know Turnov and the whole region. Since 1886, the Museum has been collecting documentary materials about the natural wealth of Český ráj and its cultural history.Museums and galleries

Paclt smelter in Turnov

TurnovZobrazit detailPaclt smelter is the last preserved building from the whole town district called Glassworks, which grew up behind the Svěrácká Gate thanks to Turnov glass composition producers.Other historical monuments
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