Letní ARTův papírový happening

Organizer:BEZMEZER, o.p.s.

From Turnov to Frýdštejn and Kopanina Turnov

Pivovar Volt Palackého 28 / 2302, Jablonec nad Nisou, 466 01, Display on the map

Date of performance:
Event character:Regional
Recommended for:Holiday with children, Active holiday
Event type:Other events
Thematic category:Music - jazz, rock, pop, alternative, ethno and world music, other genres; Dancing - folklore dancing, modern, historical dancing, other dancing forms; Theatre - drama, marionette theatre, children’s theatre, street theatre , amateur theatricals, other theatre forms; Visual arts - graphic art, painting, statuary, design, plastic arts, other; Travelling - travelling - workshop, travelling - other; Nature, environmentalism - nature and environmentalism - other; - , ,
More information at:http://www.bezmezer.cz,, https://www.bezmezer.cz/letn%C3%ADart%C5%AFvpap%C3%ADrov%C3%BDhappening

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LAPH MIŠ MAŠ Annabelle Fárová Kamila Hešová Dostrašilová, Aerial hoop závěsná akrobacie Dílna 3D papier TH a papier mache LAPH 2021