Hunting chateau on Nová Louka - Šámalova chata


Bedřichov, 468 12
The picturesque landmark of Nové Louky was named after the former chancellor Šámal.

Nová louka is a place where glassworks were operated from 1756 to 1817. Later, the building was purchased by Riedel, a well-known glass maker from the Jizera Mountains, and in 1844 Count Clam-Gallas had it converted into a hunting chateau. The ground building is covered by a garret roof with a turret. It is valuable proof of the history of glass-making in North Bohemia and a lovely sight on the mountain meadow. Subsequently, the building became a chalet for government officers and was named after the chancellor Šámal. This is where the name of Šámalova louka, which is sometimes heard even nowadays, comes from.

Location: 4 km north of Bedřichov