Forest Theatre, Sloup v Čechách

Sloup v Cechach

Sloup v Čechách, 471 52

The Forest Theatre was built in a shallow rocky lowered area at the south-west base of the Na Stráži sandstone buttress, about 0.5 km to the South of Sloup.

The construction of Lesní divadlo (The Forest Theatre) according to the project drawn up by the painter Ringel started in 1920 and it was ceremonially opened in the summer of the next year with a performance of Hauptmann's play Die Versunkene Glocke (The Sunken Bell). The theatre made use of the broken sandstone rock massif, behind which the backstage area was hidden. On its north side, the stage was ended with an approximately 3.5 m high cylindrical tower, connected to the rock massif with a stone wall in which there is a Gothic gate. Besides that, there were also other wooden constructions on the stage, interconnected with passages and tunnels carved in the rock. In the ditch below the stage, there was the orchestra pit, and on the opposite hillside there was an adapted auditorium with wooden benches for about 1,600 viewers.

Since the 1960s, the theatre had been going to ruin for a long time, having nearly fallen in oblivion. In 2004, the theatre was repaired however and benches for 250 viewers were installed on the opposite hillside. In summer months, theatre performances are given here, which have a unique atmosphere.