Wooden belfry in Dolní Sytová

Haje nad Jizerou

Dolní Sytová 1, Háje nad Jizerou, 513 01

Since time immemorial, people have needed something to announce the start and end of work, death, fire, floods or other calamities. A bell, hung in the crown of a tree or in the steeple of a school, bailiff\\\\\\\'s office or inn, for example, was best way to do this. Wealthier people often built their own brick or wooden bell towers.

Since time immemorial people have needed something to announce the beginning and end of working hours, the arrival of death, fire, flood or another disaster. This role was best performed by a bell hung in a treetop, a turret on the building of a school, magistrate or inn; the wealthier would build belfries of wood or stone.

A wooden pillar belfry was built in Dolní Sytová in 1790, too. Its conic eight-sided structure entirely covered with shingles gives a much older impression. The old bell was used for warfare purposes during World War I. The village purchased a new one in 1919, but that one met its fate in World War II. The belfry did not receive another bell until 1998 when a bell made by Mrs Maria Tomášková-Dytrychová from Brodek u Přerova was hung. It weighs 42 kg, has 39 cm in diameter, is tuned in the key of C and consecrated to St. Zdislava.

The current bell is equipped with an electric drive and electronic timer. Thanks to this the bell tolls every day and fulfils its purpose.