Wallenstein`s Square, Jičín


Valdštejnovo náměstí, Jičín, 506 01

Valdštejnovo Square in Jičín boasts a unique set of historical houses which comprise Jičín architectonic heritage reservation.

The square in Jičín was established by Count Albrecht von Wallenstein. The square still boasts a unique set of houses with arcades and other valuable objects, which is why the centre of Jičín was declared a cultural heritage reservation. We can find three protected sights in the square: the Crowning Well, the Marian Pillar and a fountain with a statue of Amphitrite. In addition to this it also features the former Jesuit college, regent's palace with a Baroque coat of arms, former Wallenstein's mint and Valdická Gate - the landmark of Jičín.

Townhouses on the square

Mostly renaissance and early baroque styled. After the great fire in 1840, they underwent reconstruction (by plans of J. Opolzer.) Townhouses are usually with one floor only and decorated with arcades. Some of the houses gained a second floor in 2nd half of 19th century.

Most important houses are: Number 2,3,33,34,36,38,43 and 99.

Fountain with Amfitrité statue

This classicist fountain is situated in the eastern side of the square and was built in 1835 as work of sculptor Jan Sucharda from Nová Paka.

Coronation Fountain (1835)

August 28th 1836, the Emperoror Ferdinand V. visited Jičín as he was heading to the coronation ceremony in Prague (where he would be coronated by the King of Bohemia). In honor of Ferdinand V., an Empire coronation fountain was built: it has form of a small temple (about 7 meters high) and was built by plans of J. Fritz.

Marian column – Virgin Mary Statue

The column was raised in 1702. On the base, there are statues of four angels, the column itself is about 6 meters high and completed with Corinthian capital. On the capital, there is a statue of Virgin Mary standing on the globe.