Jilemnice, 514 01

In the Middle Ages, the site of the contemporary Town Hall is believed to have been occupied by the village magistrate`s office. The building acquired its present Classicist-style appearance after the fire of 1789, but had only a 5-arc gallery then.

The roof was lowered in 1819 and a small tower with a clock was raised in the middle. In 1851 the basic building was extended to the south. At present the building is the seat of the municipal government of Jilemnice.

The tower features a unique clock from the mid-19th century fitted under the roof during the above mentioned reconstruction. It strikes every quarter of an hour in such a way that it is possible to tell the number of quarters and hours by their tones. Moreover they repeat the number of whole hours every hour in a different tone. For example: at a quarter past eleven the clock will strike the small bell once and the middle bell eleven times; at twelve it will strike the small bell four times, the middle bell twelve times and the large bell twelve times, eighteen strikes in total. That amounts to 1020 strikes a day.