Vápenka open-air swimming pool

The Vápenka swimming centre in Liberec was built in 1933 and is probably the oldest concrete pool in the former Czechoslovakia.

Thisoutdoor swimming pool was built by butcher Franz Richter back in 1933, so its concrete pool is probably the oldest in the Czech Republic. The lido is called Vápenka (after the nearby former limestone quarry), although thanks to the sun visitors are more likely to be bronze than white. The open-air pool is situated in Liberec - Hanychov, near the tram line running from the centre to Ještěd.



  • 50 x 25-metre main pool
  • paddling pool
  • grassy relaxation areas
  • children’s playground
  • refreshments

Up-to-date information about the water quality can be found on the website of the Regional Hygiene Station at www.khslbc.cz under “Vody ke koupání”.