Hruba Skala

Hrubá skála, 511 01

The Bohemian Paradise is the oldest Protected Landscape Area in the Czech Republic. It was declared in 1955 across an area of 95 km2, and was expanded in 2002 to its current 181 km2.

One of the most popular parts of the Bohemian Paradise for visitors is the Hrubá Skála region near Turnov, which includes the Hrubá Skála rock town, Sedmihorky, Kavčiny, Valdštejn castle and the Hlavatice lookout tower. The Hrubá Skála region is a paradise for climbers and the romantic-minded. The many marked trails offer plenty of opportunity for recreation and romantic strolls. You certainly shouldn’t miss the Mouse Hole rock fissure, Adam’s Bed, the symbolic climbers’ graveyard and the numerous rock viewpoints.

Hrubá Skála Chateau is situated right on the edge of the Hrubá Skála rock town. It stands on a sandstone block above the village of the same name and is one of the main landmarks of the Bohemian Paradise, visible from far and wide. It is currently used as a hotel, although visitors can enter the courtyard and go up the tower, from where there are beautiful views not only of the nearby rock town, but also of Trosky and Kozákov. The original residence was built in the mid-14th century as a Gothic castle, called Skála (Rock). The name Hrubá (here meaning large) was added later.