Hruba Skala

Hrubá Skála, 511 01

The rock relief carved in sandstone is located some 300 m to the north of the Hrubá Skála Chateau. It is situated in a rock gap, on the right, on the way to the Mariánská lookout point.

The name of the rock formation (Adam's Bed) comes from its shape - it looks like a sofa. It was developed on order by František Adam - the brother of the last owner of the Hrubá Skála property from the Valdštejn family. The Adamovo Lože was a symbol of three Adams: Adam, the first male; Adam of Valdštejn, the founder of the noble family; and František Adam.

Locality: not far from the Hrubá Skála Castle, a branch from the tourist trail directed to Valdštejn Castle.