Kalich - Chléviště, rock labyrinth

Mala Skala

Malá Skála, 468 22

The mysterious rock labyrinth offers superb views of the valley of the Jizera River.
The rock labyrinth named Kalich – Chléviště is situated near the village of Besedice, about 1.5 km to the southeast of Malá Skála. During the period of opposition against reformation, the rocks became a refugee of hunted non-Catholics. In memory of this part of the history, a chalice and the date 1634 was carved in the rock. Among other interesting elements, you come across the V. Sadovský Cave); the path in the rock gap will take you to Krocinovský Cave. In the middle of five gorges, there is a cave with a symbolic chapel that was used by the Czech Brethren. Another interesting element is the rock formations named Želva, Medvěd and Hroch (Turtle, Bear and Hippo). The labyrinth is marked with a yellow trail (in part the trail is carved in the rocks). The romantic rock group is situated in the sandstone at the western slope of Sokol Hill. On its top, there is a natural lookout point that offers views in particular to the north.