Panská Skála - Kamenné Varhany

Kamenicky Senov

Kamenický Šenov, 471 14

The basalt hill, 597 m, situated at the edge of Kamenický Šenov is the best-known geological reserve in the Czech Republic.

The quarry in which the unique example of the columnar basalt cleat in our country was revealed was in operation as early as in the 18th century. Pentagonal or sextagonal regular basalt columns are nearly vertical. Some of them are 12 metres long, diameter 20 - 40 cm. The whole formation looks like organ pipes hence it is often called the Kamenné Varhany (Rock Organ).

The top offers a spectacular view of Kamenický Šenov and the surrounding hills. Under the rock, there is a little lake that was formed in the pit after mining activities. It is refilled with rain water..


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