Radvanec, 473 01

The Havraní Skály are situated about 1 km to the north of Radvanec. They comprise seven sandstone towers on a sandstone ridge.

Some of the rocks are popular destinations for climbers, who named them the Rozeklaná, Potupená, Půlená, Panenská Skála and the Ropucha. Their height (up to 20 m) protrudes above the surrounding trees and allows a view over the wide surroundings. The best view is provided from the tallest rock: you can see hills near Sloup, and Vlhošť and Ronov hills; looking to the south, you can identify the distinctive Špičák near Česká Lípa. To the northwest, you cannot overlook the unique cone of Klíč. Since 1829, the tower is accessible to public by via the staircase built on order by Earl Karel Kinský.