Besedice, 468 22

The rocks hide rock labyrinths named Kalich and Chléviště and offer several impressive views of the Malá Skála valley.

The romantic labyrinth of sandstone rocks is situated above the left bank of the Jizera River near Besedice in Český Ráj. You can go along a round trail to see the most important places in this area. The main group of the rock formation is called Chléviště. It is known for a cave of an exile, Václav Sadovský from Sloupno, and for spectacular views.The group of rocks named U Kalicha hides in the middle of five rock gaps an altar with a carved chalice and date of 1634. The walls carry extracts from the Kšaft written by J. A. Komenský, poems about the Bible of Kralice, and poems by a Franciscan monk, J. Vitásek.

Access: from Malá Skála, up the steep hill around the Suché Skály to Besedice, or from Road 282 from Železný Brod to Rovensko pod Troskami, turn right in Koberovy.