Holany, 470 02

The area comprises 23 ponds supplied from the Bobří Brook. The ponds were probably founded in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The group of ponds is located in the picturesque area under the hills of Ronov and Vlhošť. The main ponds in the group are called Dolanský and Holanský. All these ponds are designed for fish breeding. The Milčanský Pond is used for recreation: there is a small campsite. There are recreational houses around the Vojenský Pond near Stvolínky.

The Holanské Ponds are situated beyond the Protected Landscape Area of Kokořínsko so they are not protected by law. Nevertheless, they are known for the presence of various protected fauna and flora species.

Dolanský Pond: The pond is one of the largest in the group of Holanské Ponds. It was probably founded in the 16th century, when fish farming underwent great developments. The pond is the flow-through type, supplied with water from the Bobří Pond and several smaller water bodies. In the dyke of the Dolanský Pond, there is an interesting relic of the former water drive system - a tunnel carved in the rock.

Holanský Pond: The pond is one of the largest ponds in the group of Holanské Ponds. It was founded around 1440 in connection with the fort of Rybnov that is directly protected by the discharge from the pond. At present, the pond is used for fish breeding and fishing; it is not very convenient for swimming as a large part of the banks are muddy.