Public library of Antonín Marek in Turnov


Jeronýmova 517, Turnov, 511 01

Phone:+420 481 321 470
The Antonín Marek Municipal Library in Turnov is a public municipal library that operates as a central library with four branches located in the city - Turnov II, Mašov, Malý Rohozec, Výšinka. It was founded in 1820 by the Roman Catholic priest, poet and linguist Antonín Marek.

How was our Turnov Library “born”?
Behind everything is an enthusiast and devotee, whose name today bears the library in its name - Mr. Antonin Marek, Father, Poet, Writer, Theater promoter. Antonín Marek significantly contributed to spreading the idea of ​​national revival in Turnov. In the 19th century libraries began to be established as part of the national revival movement of the Czech nation. In addition to schools, they have become the most important means of educational work. They were founded in the countryside by affluent individuals or readers' societies, which later turned into discussions. These are the origins of the Turnov Library, which was founded among the first in the Czech Republic. It was established as the second rural public library shortly after the town hall near Pilsen. The pioneers of the Czech National Revival, including Father Antonín Marek, tried to establish publicly accessible libraries, as this was the easiest and very effective way to educate in the national language. Czech private libraries began to be established, where they could borrow the wider public, then school and social libraries. The foundation stone for the existence of the future library in Turnov was the social library. The history of today's Antonín Marek Municipal Library in Turnov began on 27 December 1820, when Marek wrote enthusiastically "Prowolánj to the masters of the towns of Turnow". In it, he urges Turnov natives to set up a reading society after the example of other cities. And so the “Society of the Turnov Library” was founded, but it was not yet an association. The library was located at the school. It was only in the course of time that this company was transformed into the federal department of the Readers' Discussion.